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 TLOPPS Day X Booster - The Hall Stars

TLOPPS Day X Booster - The Hall Stars

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kinda bland

This booster pack collection contains 16 original illustrations by 16 artists to represent The Hall Stars. Every card comes with a holographic finish, packaged in a foil wrapper, with a credit leaflet. Shipping included in price.

We will be limiting all orders to 2 packs per order.

This product is in production.We have ordered 1000 units, with an estimated delivery date of July 4th.No money is required to be on the waitlist.Waitlisting at this timeno longer guaranteesyou a pack.(Updated June 11, 2021)

For live updates,check out our Twitter. Check outthe TLOPPS FAQfor additional questions.


Production art:

Character artists:
  • Axel Trololol by David Song.
  • Boyfriend Monreal byQuinn, iridescent silhouette of eyes, limbs, and wings.
  • Caligula Lotus bysnow, a friend?
  • Dominic Marijuana by Lucille Nual,lover of trinkets.
  • Emmett Internet byJust Mako, off floating on a cloud somewhere.
  • Jaylen Hotdogfingers by jo, film student and bus boy at Goth IHOP.
  • Kiki Familia by Rei,their own evil twin.
  • Landry Violence by Bennett, videogame and UX designer who likes to tell spooky stories.
  • Morrow Doyle by Elizabeth "Lizz" Orji-Smith.
  • Randall Marijuana byseb,chaotic silly bard/fighter multiclass.
  • Scrap Murphy by Goatkeeper.png,actually like, twenty-seven rats in a coat.
  • Sebastian Sunshine by Chez,dehydrated water liker.
  • Sebastian Telephone byKate Fairchild, cartoonist at large.
  • Tyreek Olive byAng; tired, likes birds, purposefully melted crayon on sidewalk once.
  • Workman Gloom bySonika, nap enthusiast and amateur knitter.
  • Yazmin Mason by Aura,blasbel, emoji