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Trans Rights Are Human Rights
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Booty shorts... for me?
⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set

⚾ TLOPPS Second Edition Collector's Set

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They're finally here: Blaseball Cards...2

This second edition collection compiles 55 original illustrations by 55 different artists across the whole league. Comes with a commemorative tin and a 8-page credits booklet. Shipping included in price.

Everyone who is on the waitlist before July 30th, 2021 is guaranteed up to 2 packs.

For live updates, check out our Twitter. Check out the TLOPPS FAQ for additional questions.


Logo artists:

Character artists:

  • Alston Cerveza by Nic, Canada's #1 Kraft Dinner influencer.
  • Alto Patterson by AvivaKitty, minecraft enjoyer.
  • Bevan Underbuck by chez, dehydrated water liker.
  • Caligula Lotus by Kay, who thinks sleeping is a valid hobby.
  • Castillo Turner by Cameron Johnson, NH designer, just a guy.
  • Chorby Soul by Spuntamatite, Not taking it seriously since 1998.
  • Collins Melon by Goatkeeper.png, actually like, twenty-seven rats in a coat.
  • Curry Aliciakeyes by dippitydoop, local cryptid.
  • Edric Tosser by Ang; tired, likes birds, purposefully melted crayon on sidewalk once.
  • Eizabeth Elliot by awhekate, a digital artist and graphic designer who still doesn't understand Blaseball but is very happy to be here.
  • Elvis Figueroa by Onjit, lazy artist and spreadsheet nerd.
  • Engine Eberhardt by Atrium
  • Ephraim Ladd by Dan Dot Digital, a jack of some trades. He makes things. Mostly digital.
  • Eugenia Garbage by Lily, #1 exporter of Eugenia Garbage angst.
  • Fitzgerald Blackburn by Pony, Control (video game, 2019) and Blaseball Entity Reader Enjoyer.
  • Flattery McKinley by Jasmine Wright, connoisseur of lesbians and asymmetric character design.
  • Fletcher Yamamoto by Li0ness, Board games, baking, Blaseball. Fridays <3.
  • Gia Holbrook by Wires in a Box, brewing yet another cup of coffee.
  • Hatfield Suzuki by Pommy, space alien.
  • Hewitt Best by Linh, himbo catboy extraordinaire.
  • Huber Frumple by Silas, Huber and Frumple's biggest fan.
  • Jacob Winner by FlipAntArt, digital artist.
  • James Mora by malice-amidst, sentient ant colony.
  • Jenna Maldonado by Jude, an eldritch fae being who enjoys TTRPGs and baking break.
  • Kaj Statter Jr. by Olive, cool, funky fresh and upside down.
  • Kline Greenlemon by Alienmandy, local catboy.
  • Knight Triumphant by Valentine, liker of knights.
  • Lachlan Shelton by mode_systems, Mode stuck on blaseball art and happy with it.
  • Lowe Forbes by Bunni, Mandy. Is just kind of here.
  • Marquez Clark by Caz, a sleepy, code people obsessed artist.
  • Miguel James by Coblin, who draws monsters. Boo?
  • Miki Santana by Toxic.clockwork, fixated on dead spies and dead spies only.
  • Mira Lemma by Spiral_Joe, Moist Talkers hypeman and comics goblin.
  • NaN by Fancymancer, Artist / Author / Game Designer / blaseball superfan.
  • Nolanestophia Patterson by Twinkletail, Soph Superfan and All-Around Wonder Horse.
  • Oscar Vaughan by toasts, aspiring gamer thembo.
  • Patel Beyonce by Metra, Metra is a digital artist, a friend, a brother, and a sister to many.
  • Patty Fox by Rei, their own evil twin.
  • Paula Turnip by connor, recent geologist and aspiring cool hat person.
  • Persephone Splotter by Bee P, the self-proclaimed "goth one".
  • Rafael Davids by godspeedwagon, Spicy Milk Sommelier.
  • Randy Castillo by sol, who gets emotional about rocks.
  • Randy Dennis by HB, an indoor artist unsuited for the outdoor world.
  • Ruslan Greatness by raevpet, a goblin with a stylus.
  • Silvia Winner by Eros, ex-tillman henderson liker.
  • Simon Haley by Sonika, local nap enthusiast and amateur knitter.
  • Siobhan Chark by TinyRevel, ,angstlantis expert.
  • Sixpack Santiago by lemon, Three rats in a trenchcoat armed with an old drawing tablet.
  • Socks Maybe by Waalkr, Butt enthusiast.
  • Stu Trololol by Ellis-Benjamin, yellow-coded character, velociraptor whisperer and certified lesbian.
  • Thomas Dracaena by Rosa Roman.
  • Vito Kravitz by T.Applesmith, vulture enthusiast.
  • Wichita Toaster by Dungeon-Raided; When it's a gamble to take, it's a gamble I'll make! [I'll win it, of course!]
  • Yurts Buttercup by Moli, professional chaos wrangler.
  • Yusef Fenestrate by AirDur, daughter of the wind.