ūüĎź Breckenridge Jazz Hands Kiss Cut Sticker Collection I

ūüĎź Breckenridge Jazz Hands Kiss Cut Sticker Collection I

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Taking a Siesta

About this Product

Details and Sizes

9.8x14 inches of stickers! Multi-purpose sticky backing allows the weather resistant sticker to be placed on anything and then easily removed and restuck anywhere. Each sticker will have a 1/8" white border.

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  • Collins Melon¬†by godspeedwagon, average Collins Melon enjoyer.
  • Tosschamp Emote by¬†Aka.,¬†bread crystal ball appreciator.
  • Queen Pothos,¬†Lancelot Kane &¬†Mikan Hammer by Sour,¬†hubris haver.
  • Team Photo by¬†Cyan (@moasting#4840),¬†world's greatest monster, theater kid edition.
  • Radical Dervin by¬†Abbasnail,¬†slushee connoisseur.
  • The Drip collab by¬†Cyan¬†(@moasting#4840) and Abbasnail.
  • The Yamses by EmmySophrosyne#9462,¬†"How did she even get in here?"
  • No Eyes Can't Lose by¬†Ted Fallenger,¬†"Hit THIS!"
  • Baby On Base &¬†Loafin Around by¬†Bunni,¬†responsibilities avoider.
  • The Pocket by¬†Rocketknife,¬†Rocket. Knife.
  • Bolter¬†by¬†Goatkeeper_png (with help from EmmySophrosyne!), gay.