Product launch information

Where can I buy TLOPPS products?

All our TLOPPS products can be found in the TLOPPS collection.

Will you be reprinting sold out products?

Unless there is significant demand, we do not plan to reprint TLOPPs products. We will leave the product listings up for archival purposes, but they will be unavailable for purchase.

    What do TLOPPS products cost?

    Collectors sets cost $25CAD + tax, Booster packs cost $20CAD + tax. Both include worldwide shipping. This does not factor in possible customs and duties on your end.

    How do waitlist roll outs work?

    Waitlist rollouts work like this: Every 24 hours, enable buyers for purchase in groups of 100. You will receive an email to the email address you associated with your account when you signed up for the waitlist. Once you receive the email, you will have 24 hours to complete your purchase. If you miss the window, you will be rolled over into the next group. If you continue to miss your time to purchase, you risk the product being out of stock before you can complete your purchase. 

    Rollout Additional Notes

    • Buying limit as always is two packs of each, per person. Any attempt to circumvent this will result in your account being flagged.
    • We order enough to cover those who were on the waitlist before it's listed closing date. Based on previous buying habits and our two pack limit we expect to have enough for everyone who wants them.
    • Should you have issues logging in, please reach out to us via email so we can reset your account.

    Why am I #undefined on the waiting list?

    If you get this notification, there's no need to worry! Since we're doing the Tlopps rollout in groups of 100, it's likely that your number simply hasn't been called yet. When it is your turn to purchase, you will receive an email notifying you that it is your turn. 

    How many sets are available?

    We generally aim to order  1000 sets of each of our TLOPPS products, however final totals will be determined based on the waitlist numbers.

    How many sets can I purchase?

    We have limited each order to purchase a total of 2 sets due to high demand. If someone is found to be working around this limit, their order will be cancelled.

    Payment questions

    Can I pay with Paypal?

    We are unable to accept payment through Paypal at this time. 

    Can I pay with pre-paid credit cards?

    We are able to accept payment via pre-paid credit cards, as long as the card has been activated.


    Other questions

    Is the TLOPPS First Edition Collector's Set official Blaseball Merchandise?

    No, like the rest of our products, the TLOPPS sets are not official Blaseball Merchandise. You can support Blaseball's first official licensed merchandise here.