The Artists


Nick is the financial mess behind this website. Tech savant by day, Moist Talkers fan also by day and sometimes night.

When not at a splorts game, catch her talking about Fire Emblem or The Sims.



Q is a full time design student, lover of games, hoping they can break into the world of games journalism and other forms of writing about the world.

Catch them on Smash Ultimate with their Wii Fit Trainer main.



MD is an aspiring artist and designer, who can never find enough time to put down the computer.

He is never not playing a walking sim or a heavy story game.

Ted Fallenger

Ted Fallenger is an illustrator and trying to be a game designer as well. You should not visit his Twitter while you're at work.

You can find him in Seliana getting fed to bursting by the Grammeowster Chef.


Lex is a full time designer and immaterial plane SF Lovers fan. They love to create art of beautiful monsters. When they aren’t designing they love to cartoon, phase out of existence, and hang out with their cat.

my twitter is @pizzakermit
my art insta is @king.wisp

Art Insta


Em is an engineer and self-described hot mess who likes ice cream, tinkering, and occasionally making things that look nice.

You can find them sitting on a rock in the woods somewhere, probably.


Quinn is an animation student, graphic designer, and angel enthusiast residing in the infinite Los Angeli. They spend most of their time enjoying weird queer art and working on becoming even gayer.



Robbie is a lover of sports and splorts of all kinds, but especially a particular real-life sport involving small cold rubber discs.

He can often be found petting his dog.


Easy is a hobbyist designer and a professional splorts fan, splitting his time between the UK and Canada. Catch him watching soccer (Liverpool), hockey (Ottawa Senators), football (Denver Broncos), or blaseball (Moist Talkers), or most likely playing Ana on Overwatch.


Billy Galant

Against all odds, Billy is a Miami Dalé fan and tweets often from @MiamiBlaseball. He is also a designer.

Outside of his “work”, he is a strong believer in empathy, plays video games or something, and will have heated arguments about how Jasmine is the best Disney Princess.



Dave says there's 3 things that keep him alive: his wife, his 2 sons and the Hawaii Fridays. He has little to no artistic credentials, but likes to fart around in Illustrator and 3D print knick knacks in his spare time.



Lysandra mostly draws birds. Thankfully, there are several bird and bird-adjacent players in blaseball. She's ride or die for her precious drama babies the Jazz Hands, but as long as it's a good game, she'll be excited for whoever plays. Just here to make friends, make cool stuff, and make lots of money for good causes.

Twitter: @lysandraws



Rocketknife is a software developer, occasional graphic designer, and Jazz Hands fan who wants everyone to know that the commissioner is doing a great job. You can also find him trying to level up, going down Wikipedia rabbit holes, or having strong opinions about code style and infrastructure.


Sar is a hobbyist designer who has been paid in the past for improv comedy, stage managing, cooking wienerschnitzel at a summer camp, census enumerating, writing a history podcast about dogs, and e-card customer service.

She’s a fan of the Baltimore Crabs (real blaseball) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (fake blaseball).


Spencer is one half splorts fan, one half biology student. If he's not constantly logging into the Blaseball sites to catch the scores, you can find him either studying or jamming out. #ClawsUp


Nash spends his time shuffling books at a library and creating games, music, and occasionally art. The same affinity for randomness that drew him to blaseball has also had him making procedural music gadgets, story prompt games, and a calendar of random holidays. Nash is a fan of the Breath Mints.


Holden King

Holden King Holden is a perpetually sleepy professional graphic designer. In the past three years he has worked as a toy and package designer, which is exactly as fun as it sounds. When he’s not working he’s making ttrpgs, playing games, drinking beer, and still, somehow, not sleeping. He’s a fan of the Charleston Shoe Thieves, which is a real Blaseball team and not an elaborate cover for a shoe heist.



Joe is a amorphous art being that switches between comics, animation and graphic design on a whim. When not drawing you can find him playing vidya games or recording episodes of his Tabletop RPG podcast.



Aster is Sorta Just Here. She spends most of her time singing, napping, or thinking about dead languages. She mostly cheers for the Sunbeams and can be found performing increasingly absurd rituals to protect and enhance Nerd Pacheco.



Bennett is an sff author, magazine editor, amateur graphic designer and Wild Wings fan.

Florian Zandt

Florian is a freelance journalist for big-ish and small-ish outlets who dabbles in graphic design in his spare time. As a hobbyist musician playing in two bands himself, his heart, mind and soul belong to the Seattle Garages. Find him creating podcasts on memes and indiegames, doing short-form album reviews on Youtube and, of course, snarkposting on Twitter.


M. Lee Lunsford



Deric Bindel is a developing digital design artist. He started out doodling for his tabletop game, and has ended up here. Doing blaseball art. Weird that! He is an avid fan of the Seattle Garages, a Necromancy Advocate, and was a Mike Townsend fan before it was cool!


Drew Genel

Drew is a college student studying urban policy. In his (very little) free time, he enjoys rowing, amateur graphic design, and praying to the Blaseball Gods that maybe someday the Yellowstone Magic might get a blessing. As above, so below!


Jasmine is a visual, UI/UX and occasional immersive designer based in Portland, Oregon. When not never looking back, she mostly drinks tea and takes photos of her cats.


Avery Helm

Aves is a full time graphic designer by day, illustrator and fanartist by night! She loves video games, nature, singing, and her very large son Richmond Harrison.

All her social links can be found on her website!



Anne is a software developer, recovering former art major, and splorts fan for the Yellowstone Magic. She is also an ardent supporter of Friday Night Magic cookouts and badge-master for the spell scouts. As above, so below.

David Song

David is an aspiring professional artist and in the midst of college applications. He's a secret Tillman stan. He also loves reading comics, binging Netflix, and playing with his dog who he loves very much.



Max lives deep in the woods of the PNW with limited internet connection and an amateur knack for graphic design. Naturally they are a Seattle garages fan and believe themselves to be ‘the only true fan who really gets it...’ in the greater pacific coast area.


Crabbyboy is a hobbyist artist and character designer who got sucked into Blaseball since Season One and has rooted for the Philly Pies ever since. When he’s not betting or watching the splort, he’s usually drawing demons, comics, and demons in comics.


Cameron Johnson

Cameron is a graphic designer, photographer (when he's got time for it) and a former journalist. When he's not working in the print shop, he can usually be found hiking, being way too into TTRPGs, or helping organize the coming workers revolution. Cameron is a fan of the Boston Flowers.