Blaseball LEGO Jerseys FAQ Blaseball Custom Minifigures, in partnership with Blaseball Cares Blaseball Custom Minifigures, in partnership with Blaseball Cares

Product information

Partnering with, Blaseball Cares is excited to introduce Blaseball Jerseys: for LEGO miniatures! Using's minifigure builder you are able to create a LEGO replica of your favourite players, or even yourself! (Note: individual jerseys are also be available). The jerseys come with designs matching those in our store, and offer customization of name and number on the back.

Visit to purchase!

If you have any issues with the new lego minifigs make sure to please send any support emails to

Product launch information

When will the Blaseball Jersey LEGO pieces be available?

The pieces are available starting June 14th through until August 2nd. Unlike Blaseball Cares, does not go on siesta, so these products will be available any time between these dates.

When will Wild Low and Mild High be available?

Wild Low and Mild High are available starting Monday July 19th, along side Wild High and Mild Low.

Will these jerseys remain in stock if there is sufficient demand?

Yes, the products will be kept in stock if demand is high, and once the team at has had time to work out any issues with the first run.

Purchasing information

I can't find the jerseys on Blaseball Cares

As these products are made individually per order, will be handling the manufacturing, packaging and shipment of these products. You can find all the x Blaseball Cares products in their Blaseball collection.

Do I need to buy a full minifig for each jersey?

No, you do not. You can purchase each jerseys in 3 ways:

In all circumstances, you will be able to customize the back with your choice of name and number.

Charity information

Where do the profits for these products go?

Profits for these products are being donated to the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources. Established as a national First Nation directed environmental non-profit charitable organization in 1995, the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources' mission is to work in partnership with Indigenous nations to support and ​build sustainable Indigenous communities and protect lands and waters.

In all circumstances, you will be able to customize the back with your choice of name and number.

Customization information

We all know one of the most important aspects of Blaseball are the incredible character designs. Sometimes though, this makes replicating them difficult. The team at includes talented designers well versed in LEGO style illustration to assist in customizing your player.

Below we have outlined the steps to request customization for your minifig pieces.

Is it possible to request small changes to existing minifig head designs?

Yes, you can request small changes from the Custom Minifigure Head With A Minor Change product page. It is recommended to attach a reference to the character you are trying to build, in order for their designers to assist. This is best used if you have found a base that is not quite right. For a fully custom head, please see the next section.

Is it possible to request an entirely custom head?

Yes, you can order a custom head from the Bespoke Head product page. Here you are encouraged to chose a base colour, and provide multiple references for what you are looking for. Remember to clearly detail the elements that are important and attach references (fan art or a mock up). This is best for very detailed or abstract players.

Is it possible to customize the jerseys?

Yes! All jerseys allow for the customization of the name and number on the back.