This page will be updated over time to include more information. Have a question? Email us at blaseballcaresshopify@gmail.com !

Where is my order?

This depends on the fulfillment method listed on the product. If you are unsure of who is fulfilling your product, generally all postcard sized flat items are sourced manually by Blaseball Cares, while apparel is sourced via Printful.

Fulfilled by Blaseball Cares

If you have selected untracked mail, we unfortunately cannot tell you. Due to current circumstances, most mail services are understaffed and overworked, so it's possible there have been delays. We recommend checking your mail up to a month since you have received your shipping confirmation. If no order can be found, please let us know and we will send you a replacement.

Fulfilled by Printful

We are using a print on demand service called Printful for the majority of our apparel. This means we do not handle any of the product manufacturing, or the costs associated with production and shipping. On the flip side, this means that Printful is in charge of preparing and sending out your order. This can sometimes mean there are delays that we cannot foresee or control. Should an order be stalled longer than expected, we will call in and check with their service line.

Printful All Over Print Bombers

 Turn around time on the All Over Print Bombers is 3-5 weeks. The bomber jackets take a little longer to receive for a couple of reasons:

  • They are print, cut and assembled individually instead of using a base product, meaning they include assembly time
  • They are produced in Europe and then sent over to the US for fulfillment in order to be cost effective. This sometimes means that the shipment gets delayed when being sent from their Europe warehouse to the US warehouse.

Fulfilled by Subliminator

We are using a print on demand service called Subliminator for specific merchandise, such as Button Up Shirts and Jerseys. These items are manufactured in China, and use a proprietary tracking website named Tracknator that hides this. You can read about their decision here. Products are generally produced within a week from the initial order, and shipped after this. As these are international shipments, we cannot guarantee a timeframe and will refer to the suggested dates in Tracknator.

Fulfilled by Gooten

We use another print on demand service called Gooten for items such as stickers, and a variety of other niche products not offered by Printful. These items are shipped from the United States.

Fulfilled by Lulu X-Press

The final service we use is Lulu X-Press, a print on demand service for books. Lulu contracts printers across the globe in order to manufacture your book, and get it to you from the closest possible location. Some printers will take longer than others because of this, so please don't hesitate to reach out if your order is significantly delayed.

Pre-Order Products

Sometimes, we list items for pre-order. This allows us to order the correct amount of items, however means you as a customer need to wait longer, as we only put in the order once the pre-order period is over. For updates on your pre-ordered item, please check out the initial products page, where we will update with current timelines.

Please remember that Pre-Order products are generally fulfilled by hand by a single volunteer, so packaging may take some time.

What currency do you sell in?

All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Who are your artists?

Our artists are a collective of volunteers that have joined our Discord channel, and provide their art to be sold for charity. Our artists retain the rights to their designs, as such are able to make their own merch or request the design be pulled or modified at any time.