About Us

We are all love Blaseball. No really, we are really all love Blaseball, as well as others! Blaseball Cares is a volunteer run non-for-profit business that brings the love we all have for Blaseball to international causes that represent the values of our community.

Some of our past charities include

Stadium Gift Shop Staff

Nic / Mackinithappen

🗣️ Canada Moist Talkers


Current Vibe Suffering From Success
Posture 0.5 stars
Spreadsheets 2.5 stars
Hydration 4.5 stars
Finances 2.5 stars
Naruto 5 stars
Item Armor
Business Card Twitter
Pregame Ritual Long-form bits
Coffee Style Monster Energy Pour-Over
Blood Type Electric


🗣️ Canada Moist Talkers


Current Vibe Damp
Super Smash Bros 4 stars
Graphic Design 2.5 stars
Cooking Skills 5 stars
Literacy 0.5 stars
Item Armor
Fanfiction Twitter
Pregame Ritual Calzones
Coffee Style Calzones
Blood Type Calzones


🗣️ Canada Moist Talkers


Current Vibe VERY Moist
Guitar Hero 5 stars
Design Skills 0.5 stars
Twitter Game 4.5 stars
ORB Praising 5 stars
Sentience 2.5 stars
Item Armor
Hot Tweets Chain Shirt
Pregame Ritual Anxiety
Coffee Style Cold Brew
Blood Type 0 No


🗣 Canada Moist Talkers

Social Moderator

Current Vibe Ribbit
Art Ability 3 stars
Emoji Game 5 stars
Being Very Online 5 stars
Ikea Shark Plushies 1 stars
Item Armor
Twitter None
Pregame Ritual Accidental Naps
Coffee Style Teeth
Blood Type Love


Yellowstone Magic


Current Vibe You Will Choose Fire
Batting 2 stars
Junglism 5 stars
Feralness 5 stars
Computer Touching 4 stars
Pencil Wielding 3.5 stars
Item Armor
Sassy Tweets Dark Beats
Pregame Ritual 7-string guitar riffs
Coffee Style Bhang lassi
Blood Type Ohm

Jasmine / jrfbz

🐅 Hades Tigers

Cat Herder

Current Vibe Decision Paralysis
Graphic Design 5 stars
Pedantry 5 stars
Terrible Ideas 3.5 stars
Chill 0.5 stars
Item Armor
Twitter Blaseball Bingo
Pregame Ritual Updating Airtable
Coffee Style No
Blood Type Plums


Null Team

Community Leader

Current Vibe High Energy
Sleeping 4 stars
Talking Too Much 5 stars
Hair 5 stars
Remembering 1 stars
Item Armor
Twitter None
Pregame Ritual Anxiety Towards the Game
Coffee Style Mango Iced Tea
Blood Type Mango Iced Tea

See / Quinn

🌮 LA Unlimited Tacos

Community Leader

Current Vibe Optimistic
Eyes 5 stars
Wings 2.5 stars
Focus 0.5 stars
Stubbornness 4.5 stars
Item Armor
Twitter None
Pregame Ritual Sketching
Coffee Style Matcha
Blood Type 11


🌹 Boston Flowers

Community Leader

Current Vibe Feeling the Wimd
Anticapitalism 5 stars
Head Fullness 0.5 stars
Accuracy 4 stars
Beard 4 stars
Gardening 3.5 stars
Item Armor
Literal Hand Canon Twitter
Pregame Ritual Watching the Birds
Coffee Style No
Blood Type CMYK


🦀 Baltimore Crabs


Current Vibe Chaotic Good
Batting 1 stars
Baking 4.5 stars
Botany 4 stars
Boxing 5 stars
Alliteration 0.5 stars
Item Armor
A Website None
Pregame Ritual Pruning
Coffee Style Cold Brew
Blood Type Also Cold Brew

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